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September 2023

Updated: Sep 6, 2023


picture of Cray J Henry, WSF President
Cray J Henry, WSF President, will be speaking to Chapter 32 on September 11 - See time and location info at end of newsletter

NARFE is the only organization solely dedicated to Protect and Preserve the pay and benefits of all federal workers and retirees.

I hope everyone had a good summer. For those of you who subscribe to BlueCross BlueShield Basic Plan, I want to remind you to request reimbursement for your Medicare Part B premiums. BCBS promised $800 to you and $800 to your spouse if both of you pay Part B premiums. All you must do is apply for it. Tami and I received our reimbursements this summer.

Spokane Chapter is planning to “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” on September 30. NARFE has contributed financial resources to Alzheimer’s research over many years because this disease touches many of us in our later years. I invite you to walk with me for Alzheimer’s. These opportunities offer you chances to mix and mingle with other federal retirees and, perhaps, recruit a new member or two along the way. In fact, as of July 2023, NARFE Nationally has contributed $15,869,922.69 to Alzheimer’s Research.

As Spokane Chapter resumes its monthly membership meetings in September, I invite you to join us. You may ask, “What’s in it for me?” Firstly, visiting with other federal retirees during lunch. Secondly, listening to our great guest speakers. And thirdly, learning about local grass-roots advocacy for our earned benefits. I hope to see you at 11:30 at Darcy’s Restaurant in the Spokane Valley.

Please call me at 208-661-7695 or email me at if you have any questions regarding Spokane Chapter 32.

ALZHEIMER’S (vacant Chairperson)

This ghost writer previously wrote about the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) “accelerated” approval of the new drug Lecanemab, which will be marketed as Leqembi. However, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) would not pay for Lecanemab without “full” approval from the FDA. Fear not for now I bring you good news. The Alzheimer’s Association welcomes (07/06/2023) the FDA’s “full” approval of Leqembi and CMS initiative (08/02/2023) to improve the way dementia care is delivered for people living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementia. Hence, more people will have access to this drug and be able to afford it. Leqembi won’t cure the disease, but it should slow progression of the disease.

This year’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s will be September 30, which will begin and end near the Clock Tower in Riverfront Park. President Scott Robinson invites you to walk with him on this day. You can go to

and register yourself with Team NARFE Chapter 32.

Spokane Chapter is recruiting an Alzheimer’s Chairperson. If you are interested in sharing your learned knowledge with the group, then please contact any Officer or Director. With no chairperson, a village is needed to share information with our group.

PROGRAM (vacant Chairperson)

If you missed our June meeting, then I encourage you to go to to read about our guest speaker, Licit Garbe from Senator Murray’s Office. We did not meet during July and August, but we will celebrate Spokane Chapter’s 73rd birthday party in September. One of Spokane’s Hospices will talk to us in October. Ann Ozuna will present her annual review of Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) in November, and we will celebrate the holidays during December. That sums up the balance of the year, folks.

Spokane Chapter is recruiting a Program Chairperson. If you are interested in sharing your learned knowledge with the group, please contact any Officer or Director.


The Chapter is looking for a Membership Chair. If you are interested, please contact any of the Officers or Directors. Come be a part of a great group of people fighting for your benefits.

NARFE – PAC (Vacant Chairperson)

Between January 1 and March 30 of this year, 5,727 NARFE members contributed $236,186 to NARFE-PAC. Of this total amount, 52 National Only - Washington State contributed $2,054.00, and nine Spokane Chapter members contributed $485.00. During this same time, NARFE-PAC disbursed $151,500 for political purposes of which $30,500 went to candidates, $105,000 to non-candidate committees, and $16,000 to leadership PACs. Thank you for your wiliness to support the campaigns of fed-friendly legislators.

You can contribute to NARFE – PAC using the contribution form found in the monthly NARFE Magazine or by sending a check, made out to NARFE – PAC, to our Post Office Box. The address is: NARFE, PO Box 4592, Spokane, WA 99220.


Congress has been in recess, so the legislative scene has been relatively quiet. However, that doesn’t mean that Congress hasn’t been thinking about us. As our Chapter President pointed out a few months ago, the Republican Study Committee has recommended many changes that will have an extremely adverse impact on our pay and benefits.

They include, for example:

  • no automatic within-grade increases

  • reduce or eliminate some COLA’s.

  • increase the number of years for pension calculations.

  • reduce government contributions to our health plans.

  • reduce government contributions to FERS TSP plans.

  • lower the G fund interest rate.

What a kick in the pants!

On the positive side it appears that our COLA for 2024 will be around 3%, which will help some with inflation. Also, the GPO/WEP bill now has 289 co-sponsors. One more, and there’s a better chance for a vote.


Thirteen years ago, when we celebrated our 60th anniversary there was 6 former and present Chapter Presidents in attendance that help cut the cake. We hope to have the same or more in attendance for our 73rd celebration.

A special thanks to Wanda Faulkner, Roger Bosky, Keith Townsend, Joanne Welch, Chris Smith, and Sue Harvey for helping to cover NARFE’s table at the August 12 Unity in the Community. Several stopped by the NARFE table to learn more about NARFE and the services we offer to federal employees & retirees. It was a warm Saturday, but the overall turnout was good. Next outreach event will be September 30th Walk to End Alzheimer.

Chapter 32’s membership remains strong. In August 2023 the Chapter has 443 members, 229 Chapter members and 214 national only members. A special thanks to members that continue to renew your NARFE membership and supports Chapter 32

NARFE is more than just a great magazine. Let them know!

Promote NARFE anytime you can. The more members we have the more power to protect our benefits and retirement!


WEBSITE Chris Smith

Web visits remain constant but lower than expected regarding the size of our membership. Be sure to log on to to read the upcoming month's newsletter; the newsletter is published on the web well before you receive it hardcopy in the mail. We’re also including a speaker’s summary after the meeting every month as well. Visit our events page for upcoming happenings like our annual yard sale (8/25-26), the September Chapter Celebration (9/11), and the Walk for Alzheimer’s (9/30). We’re still working on correcting issues with other tabs on the site and are slowly gaining information on out-of-date and erroneous information. Still adding photos as well.

Please contact me at if you find any errors or have any pictures or pertinent articles that may be of interest to members.


We held our annual Yard Sale on August 25 & 26. The results of the sale are not in yet. But fun was had by those working at the sale. Thank you, Roger Bosly, Margie Dennis, Sue Harvey, Mary Rohner, Gisela Moyle, Wanda Faulker, Bev Benka, Arlene Patton, Mitzi Patton and Arlene’s Grandsons Darius, Greyson, Peyton, and Parker.

SUNSHINE Susan Harvey

With the devastation of the recent wildfires, Chapter is sending our condolences to members who have lost family members, friends, pets, and property. These events have caused many in our midst an unfathomable disruption to their lives and heartache.

The Chapter is sending birthday and anniversary wishes to our members who celebrate in September.

Margie and Mike Dennis recently lost Mike’s uncle. Kathy Brooks, AGAIN, just could not stay upright, and fell, breaking a bone in her ankle and big toe. She is healing well.

The Chapter recently participated in Unity in the Community. The event was on a very hot day in Riverfront Park. Arlene Patton and Wanda Faulkner talked to several interested attendees in the morning. Chris Smith, Joanne Welch, Roger Bosley, Keith Townsend, and I talked with a few attendees in the afternoon.

Welcome to the new members, Mary Trudeau, and Sherry Ramin from Waterville who recently transferred to our Chapter.

The sad news is T. Sue Matsui recently passed away.

Scott Robinson is continuing the search for several committee chairs. Contact him if you are a member interested in serving our Chapter. REMINDER, spouses can be members on their own OR can take over the membership of a deceased member.

If you become aware of good news, illnesses, surgeries, or a death of a member or family member, please contact me at 509-953-6828.


MONDAY SEPT. 11, 2023 – 11:30 AM

Chapter 32's 73rd "Anniversary" Celebration

Speaker: Cray J Henry, WSF President


10502 E SPRAGUE,


The meeting will be available via ZOOM:

The ZOOM information is:

Meeting ID: 846 9246 3195

Passcode: 137652

+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

Spokane Washington Chapter 32

PO Box 4592

Spokane, WA 99220

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

NARFE on the Web: National: WSF:

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