January 2020

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


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20 - 01 Advocates for Current and Former Federal Employees January 2020


Monday, Jan. 13, 2020

Lunch at 11:30 Meeting at 12:15

Darcy’s Restaurant

10502 E. Sprague Ave.

Program: Rev. Ian Robertson – solutions to homelessness


I appreciate your vote of confidence of me becoming next president in 2020. I’ve been retired 11 years after 34.5 years as a wildlife biologist with the Bureau of Land Management in Ely, Nevada; Fairbanks, Alaska; and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I also have worked with the Wildland Fire and Aviation program. Beginning in 1973, I created the first fire history map of the Los Padres National Forest. I finished in 2017 as a Helibase Manager and Air Support Group Supervisor. Wife Tami and I are enjoying Corpus Christi, Texas as you read this newsletter. We plan to attend NARFE’s Chapter 31 meeting in the Sparkling City by the Sea, Texas. I appreciate Vice-president Arleen Patton for graciously filling in during my absence. I hope to serve the membership well.

PROGRAM Louise Soles

"Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh..." And what fun it is to be at NARFE! The December meeting was special for a number of reasons. We thanked our outgoing officers for their service and devotion. And we welcomed the incoming officers who have accepted the challenge. There were homemade cookies, and pies and fudge and candies for dessert after lunch. And we learned more about each other when each member talked about their childhood Christmas experiences. Each story was as unique as the individual person. But they brought me to laughter, and warm memories and even to tears. In my book, there was inspiration for at least 10 new classic Christmas movies! We all did a wonderful job of being the program.

We are starting the year with a program about solutions to homelessness. The speaker will be Rev. Ian Robertson. Rev. Robertson retired but then started a new organization where he continues his work. He is one of the original organizers of The Hub in Liberty Lake. He initiated a plan to build "tiny houses" for the homeless. And now he is focusing on a program in Colville WA. The issue of homelessness was given a lot of attention recently during Spokane elections. Ian will explain his vision for helping to alleviate this social challenge.

February's speaker will be Candice Correia an Assistant Professor at Whitworth University. Her expertise is in the area of taxation. Besides teaching she still performs compliance and consulting work for businesses in a variety of industries. She has a wide range of experience in the accounting and legal fields, working in the private sector with BDO USA, LLP accounting firm and as a Judicial Attorney for Kootenai County. Professor Correia has her Juris Doctorate and Masters in Taxation degrees from Gonzaga University.

SUNSHINE Susan Harvey

We are wishing Margie Dennis quick healing from her early December shoulder surgery.

Our sympathies are extended to Sandy Cook on the unexpected loss of her father in early December. She will be with family until after the first of the year.

Many have suffered losses, troubles, downturns, and other issues over this past year. We wish you well as all begin a year of new beginnings.

We want to wish those members, and family members, celebrating birthdays and/or anniversaries in January.

REMINDER, spouses can be members OR can take over the membership of a deceased member. If you are interested in continuing this very valuable membership, please contact membership chair, Sandy Cook at 509-294-3296 or

If you become aware of good news, illnesses, surgeries, or a death of a member or family member, please contact me.


On December 20th the President signed 2 spending bills providing funding for the government operations through FY 2020, thus averting a government shutdown. In signing the bills, he noted “the excellent work of the Federal workforce."

Of interest to us, a bill provides for an average 3.1% pay raise for federal employees which matches the raise given to the military and is the largest in a decade.

The bill also provides for paid family leave benefits beginning October 2020. The bill would provide up to 12 weeks of paid leave for the birth, adoption or fostering of a child as well as for the care of a child, parent or spouse with serious medical issues.

The spending bills do not address the Windfall Elimination Provision. Three bills are now pending in the House. H.R. 141 has mustered 224 cosponsors. Urge your representative to support this legislation.

NOTICE: Washington State Federation has a new website. The address is –


Margie Dennis has graciously agreed to provide this article while Sandy is in Florida with family.

Did you know that you retirees can sign up for membership dues to be pulled out of your retirement by OPM so that you never have to think about it again? I like this idea. I get many calls from members that want to know when their dues is due. They would never have to worry about this. Just sign up and 1/12th of your yearly dues will be sent to NARFE until you decide to change it.

To apply for dues withholding:

Your authorization may be sent to your chapter or directly to National Headquarters. National Headquarters requires your authorization at least 60 days prior to your expiration date to allow adequate time for processing.

You will need:

• Civil Service Annuity (CSA or CSF) number;