January 2021

Updated: Jan 12, 2021


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21 - 01 Advocates for Current and Former Federal Employees January 2021

JANUARY CHAPTER MEETING MONDAY Jan. 11, 2021 - 11:30AM ZOOM MEETING: To Join the Zoom Meeting, you can:

CALL: Meeting ID: 869 6851 3284 Passcode: 142288 Or you can CLICK ON THIS LINK. PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Scott Robinson

2020 is finally over, and 2021 lies ahead. Four toxic years are behind us; four healing years are ahead of us. Hope of a vaccine is behind; a shot in the arm is in front. Zoom meetings will hopefully become a thing of the past; in-person meetings at Darcy’s will hopefully return. Many of you can offer your own variants to this theme. I encourage our members to remain optimistic about the future of our organization during the New Year.

NARFE will mark its centennial anniversary in 2021. NARFE will celebrate its progress in becoming a modern, effective, well-governed association that provides valuable benefits and resources to its members. In conjunction with this celebration, NARFE will host LEGCON 2021, which is a legislative training conference and an opportunity to meet our legislators. NARFE remains well-positioned for success in 2021 by following its vision, advocacy strategy, and service to members.

Capture the image that conveys your interpretation of the phrase "Greetings From the USA" and submit it to the 2021 NARFE Photo Contest. Winning photos will be featured in the 2022 NARFE Calendar. Submissions will be accepted from now through 2 April 2021. All NARFE members in good standing, except for professional photographers, are eligible to enter.

I am continuing to recruit the Membership Chairperson, who could be you. Please call me at 208-661-7695 or email me at if you are interested in becoming a more active member


Due to the present health situation all Meetings are virtual until further notice.

ZOOM MEETING: To Join the Zoom Meeting, you can:

CALL: Meeting ID: 869 6851 3284 Passcode: 142288 Or you can CLICK ON THIS LINK.


Time to throw out the old and bring in the new. We have a New Year and a new Congress. This means that all the old legislation before the Congress is out, and new bills must be brought before them.

Several pieces of legislation that favored employees and retirees should be brought back We need new legislation for such issues as the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) a revised CPI for COLAS and pay raise for Federal employees.

The WEP affects almost 2 million beneficiaries and lowers their Social Security benefits because they have worked for less than 30 years under Social Security. The CPI affects all Social Security and Federal retirees. The government uses the CPI-W to measure any increases. This measure does not include health care costs, which have gone up dramatically. There is another measure, the CPI-E which includes changes in health care costs. This would be a fairer measure for us.

We need to contact our representatives to make sure that these issues are on the Congressional table.

Agencies have until January 19th to identify all employees involved in “policy” positions. These employees would be identified as “Schedule F”. They would then lose their civil service protections and become “at will” political appointees. This effort to politicize the civil service could affect thousands of employees. Estimates mention 20% of the workforce. NARFE has come out strongly against this Presidential proposal.

NARFE-PAC MaryAnn Bosky

You can contribute to NARFE-PAC contribution form in the NARFE magazine or by sending a check, made out to NARFE-PAC to our post office box. The address is: NARFE, PO Box 4592, Spokane, WA 99220.

The more members we have the more power to protect our benefits/retirement. We are speaking to all members not just those retired.

PROGRAM Chris Smith and Joanne Welch

Our speaker for December was Steven Roy, new President of the NARFE Washington State Federation. Steve had a long and varied