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December 2020


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20 - 10 Advocates for Current and Former Federal Employees December 2020

DECEMBER CHAPTER MEETING MONDAY Dec. 14, 2020 - 11:30AM ZOOM MEETING: To Join the Zoom Meeting: Call 253-215-8782 Enter Meeting ID: 847 6320 6413 Passcode: 044180 Or you can CLICK on THIS LINK. PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Scott Robinson

The year 2020 is finally coming to an end. The coronavirus was certainly one of those “once-in-a lifetime events” for our members. Our Chapter held three monthly meetings at Darcy’s before we went into shutdown mode. We consequently missed our Garage Sale and Sprague Rest Stop fundraisers, but revived monthly meetings on Zoom in September, October, and November. Fourteen people joined us in October and 21 participated in November. The Chapter elected one Director for a one-year vacancy and three Directors for the next three years. Roger Bosky, Bill Beatty, Margie Dennis, and Wanda Faulkner will be sworn in during our December meeting. Thank you four for helping to lead NARFE Chapter 32 – Spokane. Please mark your calendars and join us on December 14th. You still can listen to our conversation even if you do not have a web camera.

The federal government's annual Open Season continues through December 14, 2020. This is the only period when federal employees and retirees can make changes to their health, dental, vision, and flexible spending account benefits without a qualifying life event. NARFE’s webpage has collected the information and resources you need to make informed decisions about your federal health, dental, vision, and flexible spending account benefits. I encourage you to do your homework before you make decisions.

I’m continuing to recruit the Membership Chairperson, who could be you. Please call me at 208-661-7695 or email me at if you are interested in becoming a more active member. Safely enjoy your Christmas holiday.


December 14, 2020 11:30 AM Due to the present health situation all Meetings are virtual until further notice.

To Join the Zoom Meeting, you can either:

Call 253-215-8782 and enter the Meeting ID 847 6320 641 Passcode: 044180


This is a time, for us to be thankful for our blessings. Maybe, the COLA and pay increases were not as big as we wished, but we did get them.

Congress is now in recess. When it comes back, it must deal with spending limits. Congress can’t agree on regular budgets, so on December 11th the funds run out, and hopefully we get a continuing resolution. There is much confusion about what kind of pay raise to give Federal employees. The President thought 1% would be enough; the Senate said 0%; and the House would offer 3.5%. Who knows?

Last month, we discussed the administration’s attempt to further politicize agencies by creating a “schedule F” to identify employees who are involved in “policy”. This directive would dramatically increase the number of political appointees. The Senate, unions and others have proposed legislation to rescind this directive.

As more and more workers are moving away from remote teleworking, the effects of virus contagion have spread. There are now some 3500 workers receiving benefits for contracting the virus at work. Injury compensation and death benefits are being made under the Federal Employees Compensation Act. Federal workers are having to take these risks with little or no centralized Federal leadership.

Congress returned on November 30, and there are a whole host of bills, like compensation, pay, and the Windfall Elimination Provision, that must be dealt with or not. We hope that the Federal community prospers better under a new administration.

NARFE-PAC MaryAnn Bosky

You can contribute to NARFE-PAC contribution form in the NARFE magazine or by sending a check, made out to NARFE-PAC to our post office box. The address is: NARFE, PO Box 4592, Spokane, WA 99220.

The more members we have the more power to protect our benefits/retirement. We are speaking to all members not just those retired.

PROGRAM Chris Smith and Joanne Welch

Ann Ozuna, known as the Retirement Lady and an expert on federal health benefits, joined us in November. She is a wealth of information about changes and new offerings for Open Season (November 9 to December 14). While only about 5-6% of employees and retirees change their plan each year, a review can result in significant savings. Check for changes in drug coverage, especially high-cost ones, procedure cost, and whether your doctors are still contracted with your plan. There is a plan comparison on and also at the NARFE website, a tool called Checkbook (for a cost of $11.95). Be sure to make any changes early as the websites become inundated closer to the deadline.

In December we will welcome Steven Roy, new President of the NARFE Washington State Federation. He’ll be letting us know of upcoming Federation news and the status on legislative issues with a new administration, although several states are still in limbo regarding the outcome of their senate races. We’ll also have a short reminder from John Guilbeault, Outreach Coordinator for the Combined Federal Campaign in our area. Retirees can make a one-time donation (via cash, check, or credit card) or through monthly deductions from their annuities. Local charities are described on the website:


2021 NARFE Scholarship open for applications. The deadline to apply is March 25, 2021. Eligible applicants are high school seniors only. Applicants must be children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren of NARFE members. To apply, visit


In lieu of an article we are honoring those members with more than 20 years as a member.


Members who were recognized before October 2008 for having reached 85 years of age and at least 20 years of NARFE membership, and who shall not pay national dues. They also may be exempt from chapter dues if authorized by the chapter’s bylaws. No additional members may be so designated.

Year joined Member Year Joined Member

1968 *Denzel L. Melvin


1976 *Violet H. Almond 1979 Buddy L. Bennett

1975 *Edith V. Carlson 1978 *Paul J. Jones

1979 Dailord Lacombe 1979 Beverly A. Massie

1976 *Kathryne E. Ringo 1977 Harry J. Vaughan

1976 Jasmine Roxanne Wade- Foxfire


1989 Doryce M. Bond 1983 Harry B. Burcalow

1989 Josie Dimare 1983 Glen H. Gower

1981 Veikko Lenny Husa

1984 Arleen N. Johnson 1980 Dolly J. Johnston

1988 Rosemarie Jones 1983 *Glen J. Jorges

1980 Carol E. Kibbey 1983 Mary Lou Kimsey

1987 Kenneth Langford 1980 Bruce Lauderdale

1988 *Flora R. Madden 1983 Diane R. Monteith

1983 John Monteith 1980 Mabel E. Morrison

1988 Mabel N. Rantzow 1981 Evelyn M. Stewart

1980 Milton P. Storm 1981 *Joseph L. Trudeau

1989 *Ronald N. Vannoy 1983 *Rowland J. Witt

1981 Lois W. Pace 1983 Harry B. Bucalow


1999 Betty H. Bailey 1992 Earl J. Barlow

1994 Judy Belous 1994 Roger Bosky

1997 Douglas Brockway

1983 Harry B. Burcalow 1996 Ronald E. Bush

1993 Galen Buterbaugh 1994 Ralph M. Cornwall

1999 Doneal R. Davis

1999 Donald Downing 1999 Hubert W. Egert

1994 Beverly A. Elmore 1992 Robert D. Elmore

1997 Jean E. Fiechel 1993 Marian E. Frobe

1998 George Guedel 1999 Mary M. Hansen

1995 Laverne W. Hathaway 1998 Meredith Hilby

1994 Cheryl S. Holt 1996 Elinor A. Iverson

1999 Susan Keto 1996 Dorothy A. Leach

1999 Harry Lippincott 1994 Edwin J. Mack

1992 Ellen Macnamara 1990 Sue T. Matsui

1995 Samuel V. McNary 1994 Irvin O. Michael

1999 Larry Mickelson 1998 Kenneth M. Miller

1999 Phillip F. Moyle 1991 Eugene B. Owen

1997 Annette Ozuna 1996 Judith Personett

1992 Richard G. Pflug 1996 Howard Platter

1995 Suzanne Render 1999 Theresa Reynolds

1995 Donald O. Rice 1992 William A. Rice

1998 Harry J. Riehle 1998 Samuel Rothwell

1995 Florence Samels 1994 Shari D. Sand

1994 Paul Sheunemann 1998 Dennis Schmauch

1984 Donald W. Spragg

1999 Carl Smith 1999 Gary Smith

1998 Frederick Stanley

1994 John W. Stewart 1991 Paul A. Taylor

1993 Keith Townsend 1995 Ernest Van Fredenberg

1992 Barbara I. Williams 1994 Nancy J. Williams

1999 Terry D. Williams 1997 Martin E. Wold

1992 Catherine Worstell 1991 Ernest Wright

1995 Olinto S. Zaagman

* Designated Honorary Members

NARFE is really more than just a great magazine. Let them know!

Promote NARFE anytime you can. The more members we have the more power to protect our benefits and retirement!



SUNSHINE Susan Harvey

Autumn is back after a short burst of winter. The real thing will soon be back, I am sure.

Our Chapter recently lost another long-time member, Lennie (Veikko) Husa.

Chapter 32 sends birthday and anniversary wishes to all who celebrated in December.

REMINDER, spouses can be members OR can take over the membership of a deceased member. If you are interested in continuing this valuable membership, please contact Scott Robinson. He is currently recruiting for a Membership Chair. If you are interested, please contact him.

If you become aware of good news, illnesses, surgeries, or a death of a member or family member, please contact me.

ALZHEIMER’S Pat Hegerberg

Alzheimer’s Drug Failure NY Times 11-06-20

The drug, aducanumab, made by Biogen, would be the first new Alzheimer’s treatment in nearly two decades. But the advisory panel to the FDA said there was not enough evidence of its effectiveness in slowing cognitive decline. Ten of 11 panel members voted that it was not “reasonable” to consider the research presented as “primary evidence of effectiveness of aducanumab for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.” The 11th member said he was uncertain.

It was a stunning turn of events, coming two days after the F.D.A. had posted documents that suggested most of the agency’s reviewers considered the evidence convincing, a development that sent Biogen’s stock price soaring by more than 40 percent. Most of Friday’s votes occurred after the financial markets had closed.

Nearly six million people in the United States and roughly 30 million globally have Alzheimer’s disease, a number that is expected to more than double by 2050. Aducanumab — which is given as a monthly intravenous infusion and would cost about $50,000 per year — would be the first medication to address cognitive decline by attacking the core biology of Alzheimer’s disease. It has been considered a potential medication for the roughly two million Americans estimated to have mild Alzheimer’s-related cognitive decline.

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Directors (2020) Wanda Faulkner 329-0215 Wanda Faulkner 329-0215 (2020) Margie Dennis 994-7004 Kathy Brooks 624-9465 (2021) Pat Hegerberg 448-5343 Program Chris Smith 907-350-9866 (2022) Frances Baker 638-6561 Joanne Welch 907-350-9866 (2022) Ken Kaul 448-3542 Service & Kathy Brooks 624-9465 (2022) Susan Harvey 534-6165 Outreach (2022) Sandy Cook 294-3296 Sunshine Susan Harvey 534-6165 ELECTED OFFICIALS President Donald Trump 202-456-1414 Senator Patty Murray 10 N. Post, Suite 600 Spokane, WA 99201 509-624-9515 Senator Maria Cantwell 920 W. Riverside Ave., Suite 697 Spokane, WA 99201 509-353-2507 Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers 10 N. Post, 6th Floor Spokane, WA 99201 509-353-2374

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